Amelia bedelia writing activities

Session 2 Review Session 1 by asking students to describe Amelia Bedelia. Explain that in the first two columns they need to record answers about chores and what Amelia Bedelia does while they are reading, filling in the third column about what Amelia Bedelia should do after they finish reading. Do not stop to model or think aloud while reading. After reading, provide students with time to complete their tables, and then use their notes during the following discussion.

Amelia bedelia writing activities

Members of a group who Enjoys working and learning This is the same bulletin board from the year before when we were doing a Bee motif in our classroom. Sometimes looking into a classroom is a bit like looking into a beehive: To make the sheep: Use a small paper plate.

Cut out two long rectangle ears and two rectangle legs from black construction paper. Cut an upside down V at the bottom of the leg strips-so they look like the bottom of a first place award ribbon would look.

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Round off the bottom of the two ear strips to look like ears. Then cut out an almost round face shape from gray construction paper; cut it so that it looks more oblong at the bottom of the face. Glue the ears on the side of the blank face, then glue the face at the center bottom of the paper plate hanging down over the edge of the plate.

Then glue the two legs hanging down at the bottom of the plate hanging lower than the ears. Take a picture of each child the first day and glue the child's photocopied picture over the gray construction paper face.

Kindergarten is the place to "bee" tree with a hive, a pickett fence and bees with the kids' names on them There's no place like kindergarten! Have them cut them out, then add their picture to the center of the flower.

You can a fence, trees, birds, a rabbit, etc. This bulletin board accomplishes a lot of tasks with one project! This is a student created bulletin board, plus it lets you see how well your students can color and cut. Then have them cut them out. If appropriate, you can add real shoe laces.

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Provide your students with a white paper plate. Either provide them with facial features to cut out and glue on, or have them draw their own face on the plate. Then they add yarn for hair, along with a big construction paper bow. The boys use the bow as a bowtie, and the girls use it as a hair bow.

Display these on a bulletin board. Have the students write their names on a half sheet of paper cut vertically, or use pre-printed names. This idea came from the September Bulletin Board book and it comes with patterns for the facial features and a collar for each.

Cut a light colored piece of construction paper in half horizontally. Cut a piece of construction paper in a coordinating color to a smaller size maybe about 4 x 5.

amelia bedelia writing activities

This smaller piece is stapled onto the larger piece under the title center it. Only staple the left hand side; this will form a door or flap. On the flap, have your students write or dictate words or short phrases that describe themselves.

Or, you could add their photos here instead.


Welcome Back to School! I did this bulletin board eons ago! The bell is placed in one of the top corners with the handle sticking out over the edge of the board. Cover the top section of your bulletin board in light blue paper, the bottom section in brown.Crafts to help prepare children for school.

Crafts for preschool and elementary children, and teens, back-to-school crafts and activities, ready-for-school crafts and activities, back-to . 1. Cause Effect With Amelia Bedelia – What a great character Amelia Bedelia is for studying cause and effect.

Here is an anchor chart, craftivity and worksheet that you can use along with Amelia Bedelia books to practice identifying the cause and the effect. Nathan's First Day of School The Berenstain Bears Go to School ~ Jan and Stan Berenstain School Bus ~ Donald Crews Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten ~ Joseph Slate.

Teach with a fun camping theme!Here is a neat selection of over 30 camping theme lesson plans, activities, free downloads and more. Whether you are setting up a year long classroom decor scheme or just a unit – these camping classroom activities .

One day I dressed up for Amelia Bedelia for costume day, and it turned into a wonderful review of idioms and figurative language. I pretended like I really WAS Amelia and that all the idioms the kids were using were very confusing to me. Students complete pre reading, writing, and post reading activities for the book Amelia Bedelia.

amelia bedelia writing activities

In this guided reading lesson plan, students complete writing, go over vocabulary, answer short answer questions, have discussions, and more.

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