Boerewors roll business plan

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Boerewors roll business plan

This thread came at the right time in my life I work an job but the salary is never enough looking at a small start-up to make extra cash currently I make spare change by selling text books to university students, I order online it gets delivered at work and I take it to them cause I stay right behind the university.

Just a quick question though regarding food stall eg selling wors rolls is there permits that need to be applied for or do I need to have a registered company? I dont know about the legalities of the thing. I did it like this: I knew the owner of the business I was selling in front of, but the pavement is the councils, so I guess the permission wasnt actually his to give.

boerewors roll business plan

I kept the braai stand and table at his shop during the week, the tomato and mustard sauce in his fridge. I had no company. Just bought rolls, charcoal, wors at picknpay after work on Friday, and rocked up there Saturday and did my thing.

Not big money, like R to R worth of stuff in the start. If you need more, you can get.

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I went to a church bazaar type thing once. Paid like R to sell there. That didnt work because the whole bazaar was a flop.

High foot traffic places. Get a braai stand and fold up table.

boerewors roll business plan

As big as you can. If you have a bakkie or trailer this is perhaps easier. Otherwise just something that can fit in your car.

Find out prices of what you going to sell and do proper costing. Remember costs like charcoal, blitz, packaging or whatever you will be serving in. Your selling price must be like under R20, so a guy doesnt have to think very hard before giving you his money.

It should be like an on the go snack. See if you can get somebody to help. Look out in your area for local events, like car shows, bazaars, sports events and approach the managers to sell there.

And be prepared to not make money for a while. I think something like this will take at least 2 months to see you making money like a grand or two over the weekend.

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For some extra mandelas on the weekend, I dont think you can go wrong with this. If you enjoyed it go back yo know more now than you did back then.

Talking about it has made me excited about it again. In my head, I see a wors roll empire, franchises all over the world, forbes magazine, the oprah show. Okay theres no more oprah show, but you get my drift.This outlet allowed it to gain insights from customers and suppliers, and helped it prepare its “Africa commercial plan”.

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Ocean Explorers Dive Centre Fourways Mall, Shop UL13, Entrance 5, Crn William Nicol & Witkoppen Roads, Four Ways. Oh how I love a boerie roll. Truly, they are one of South Africa's most wonderful culinary delights. Exquisite in their simplicity and if variety is the spice of life, then here are 5 .

A few years ago, Camilla Metzler visited South Africa where she was born. She returned to Horseshoe Bay in Canada with a business idea and launched a line of water-resistant, roll-up blankets, called H2Go.

The blankets are handmade in Canada of cotton, fleece or Polartec fleece, with a nylon backing. With this success story in mind the deadline for entries for the business plan competition has been extended to 29 February, which offers aspirant and existing entrepreneurs an opportunity to make.

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