How write a proposal for cooperation projects

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How write a proposal for cooperation projects

The second continuous operation lasted for hours as scheduled. The Hayabusa2 performed the ion engine continuous operation in preparation for the Earth swing-by planned in December, and the total hours of the first and second operations hours and hours respectively reached hours.

The ion engine operation may be conducted again if needs arise for subtle orbit change after carefully examining the second operation result. The new fiscal year has just started in Japan, and JAXA is taking a new step as we became a National Research and Development Agency from the previous independent administrative agency.

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The Hayabusa2 project is also taking a fresh step with a new team, including handing the baton over to a new project manager. All members of the project are engaged in the mission with a fresh mindset.

how write a proposal for cooperation projects

I can, therefore, take over the mission at the best condition from my predecessor, former Project Manager Hitoshi Kuninaka, who led the development of the project. With many operation experts joining the new team, we would like to successfully send the Hayabusa2 to the asteroid JU3, and have it come home safely.

The Hayabusa2 mission is challenging an unexplored field. We would like to contribute to enhancing the value of technology, science and space exploration through our accomplishments in traveling through the solar system in this six-year mission.

At the beginning of this fiscal year, a multiple number of our project members including myself were subject to personnel changes. Our team worked well with good team spirit to tackle and overcome various obstacles and difficulties. Therefore, I felt a bit disappointed to see part of the team was shuffled.

Having said that, those who remain in the team as well as the leaving members vow to work hard and do our best using our expertise in space projects no matter what department we are assigned to.

Project funding - SNF Level Caroline Woolard,blown glass, mineral oil, turned cherry wood, 18 x 8 x 14 inches.
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Your continued support for the Hayabusa2 is very much appreciated. New Project Manager Yuichi Tsuda, right: It will be under preparatory operation including speed increase by continuous operation of the ion engines for an Earth swing-by scheduled in Nov.

Basic operations and performance of onboard instruments and ground systems have been tested one by one as of the end of January. Here are some major examples of what we confirmed.

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Ion engine test operation one unit at a time Four ion engines were being operated one by one. A thrust of mN was generated on the orbit for the first time.

Establishing communication by Ka band communication equipment Between Jan. Ka-band communication will be used to send observation data during the mission for the Hayabusa2 to stay near the asteroid. Ion engine can autonomously operate for 24 hours.

The maximum thrust was confirmed to be about 28 mN, which is the expected value. The explorer is currently in good shape. JAXA confirmed the completion of a sequence of the important operations for the "Hayabusa2" mission. The explorer is now in a stable condition. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all parties and personnel concerned for their support and cooperation with the Hayabusa2 launch and tracking control operations.

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In addition, we would also like to ask for your continued cooperation and support for the long-term Hayabusa2 space exploration mission.

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