Portman case

Portman was raised in a Presbyterian family. The company grew from a small business with five employees to one that employed over people. No one in my family had ever been in politics.

Portman case

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Court of Appeals of South Carolina. Heard June 4, Rehearing Denied September 3, The jury found Portman guilty. The circuit court affirmed his conviction. We do so as well. As a result of a call received approximately thirteen minutes earlier, Officer Ron Winegard arrived at the scene of an accident involving a Ford Bronco.

Because the vehicle, which rested against a tree, felt warm to his touch and he could still smell the tires, Winegard concluded the accident had occurred within a few minutes of his arrival at the accident scene. Several people were gathered at the accident scene, including Cynthia Gilstrap, the vehicle's registered owner, and Portman.

Portman, who smelled of alcohol, stood at the back of the vehicle, his head resting against the outside-mounted spare tire and his hands held behind his back.

Portman case

When Winegard asked Portman what was going on, Portman responded, "I was driving the vehicle. I'm drunk, take Portman case to jail. At trial Winegard testified that Portman's speech at that time was slurred and that he could determine by the manner in which the Bronco had left the road that its operator had been impaired and that it could not have been driven properly.

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He believed Portman was under the influence of alcohol at the time of arrest. Once at the jail, Portman refused to submit to a breathalyzer examination. In a criminal case, a conviction cannot be based solely on the defendant's uncorroborated extra-judicial confession.

Rob Portman United States Senator for OHIO. Email Rob. Home / Contact / Email Rob. Contact Form. Note: Fields marked with an * are required. Prefix. First Name * Last Name * Address * Address. City *. From the description of the case study, it seems that the reason lead the Portman Hotel to this terrible situation was that their HR policies were inconsistent with its strategies. The Portman Hotel's philosophy is that if they want their customers tre 5/5(1). The latest Tweets from Case Portman (@Case_Portman). Game Developer/Musician. Design, Programming & Sound over at @ThunderhorseCO. Working on Flynn: Son of .

The State must offer some proof of the corpus delicti of the particular offense for which the defendant is charged to authorize admission of the confession of the defendant. Circumstantial evidence will do.

If there is any evidence tending to establish the corpus delicti of the offense charged against the accused, then it is the duty of the trial court to submit the question of whether the offense occurred to the jury.

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Independent proof of the defendant's identity as the guilty party is not required to prove the corpus delicti. In a DUI case, as this court recently pointed out in both State v. As can be readily seen, therefore, evidence showing the accused in a DUI case to be the driver of the vehicle is unnecessary to the determination of whether the State sufficiently proved the corpus delicti.

All that the first element requires is that the State sufficiently prove that someone drove the automobile. In sum, then, the corpus delicti of DUI consists of evidence that someone operated a motor vehicle in South Carolina while under the influence of intoxicating liquors, drugs, or like substances.

Here, we think the following circumstances constituted sufficient evidence to establish the corpus delicti of the offense of DUI: The admission, therefore, of Portman's statement admitting he had been driving the Bronco and was drunk did not constitute error.

Our opinion finds support in the following cases: See Townsend, S. Osborne involved a single-car accident and a challenge to the admission into evidence of the defendant's confession.

He argued the State did not prove the corpus delicti of the offense of DUI. The court of appeals agreed with the defendant, holding the only evidentiary facts offered to establish the corpus delicti were 1 the defendant's car had been in an accident; 2 the hood of the car was still warm when the officer arrived on the accident scene; 3 the defendant registered.

Osborne, however, does not help Portman for the following reasons.

Portman case

In contrast to the present case, the investigating officer in Osborne did not find anyone drunk at or near the wrecked vehicle.From the description of the case study, it seems that the reason lead the Portman Hotel to this terrible situation was that their HR policies were inconsistent with its strategies.

The Portman Hotel's philosophy is that if they want their customers tre 5/5(1).

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THE PORTMAN HOTEL COMPANY CASE Section 1: Statement of the problem facing the manager The major problem faced by the vice president and managing director, Patrick Mene was to bail out the company from current state of employee dissatisfaction through strategic human resource management to provide best customer service and increase the profits for the company.

The Portman Hotel Company Case Solution,The Portman Hotel Company Case Analysis, The Portman Hotel Company Case Study Solution, Effective reward system Another alternate for the management of the company is to install a revised reward system.

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