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Click here for a PDF copy of this procedure. Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about employee ethics issues Part 1. This procedure establishes the code of conduct expected of all employees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, including administrators, faculty, staff, and student employees, whether full or part-time, temporary or unlimited. The laws, board policies, system procedures, and standards referenced in this employee code of conduct are subject to change without amendment to this procedure.

Questions on employee ethics in the

Before ethical standards can be enforced, employers must establish clear and understandable standards. Once the standards have been clearly identified, compliance is measured by observing employee actions and identifying the results of those actions. Standards for measuring ethical behavior must be tailored to meet the needs of each organization or business.

Ethical Standards Employees are expected to be honest when dealing with customers, and trustworthy when responsible for protecting company resources. Employees are responsible for reporting any illegal activity taking place on company property.

When dealing with customers, employees are expected to conduct themselves with integrity. Employees working in positions of public trust are expected to avoid situations that would give the impression of a conflict of interest.

Questions on employee ethics in the

Employee Actions Employee acceptance of responsibility for ethical conduct begins with willingness to attend ethics training. Employees attending training sessions express their agreement to abide by ethical standards by signing a code of conduct.

Employees who avoid ethics training might not be prepared to display the expected behavior toward customers and co-workers. Employee actions that cause customers to register complaints are an indication that an employee is not in compliance with expected standards of ethical conduct.

Results The best way to measure the effectiveness of a company's ethical standards is to observe the results of employee actions. When the company is able to establish and maintain a loyal and satisfied customer base, management has a sure indicator that employees are treating customers ethically.

Questions on employee ethics in the

When employees protect the integrity of company property, management has a positive measure of ethical conduct. Negative actions by employees indicate that ethical standards are not being complied with. Tailoring Measurement Retail companies might measure the effectiveness of ethics training and compliance through the results of customer surveys.

Manufacturing firms might measure the effectiveness of ethics training by resource loss rates or by productivity rates for each department.

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Governmental organizations might measure ethics compliance on an evaluation of how well employees respond to external customers, or meeting the needs of clients.AUDITING CULTURE & ETHICS PRESENTED BY BRIDGET TOELLE, SENIOR DIRECTOR AT THE UNITED STATES OLYMPIC COMMITTEE APRIL 4, Conduct employee ethics survey.

13 TESTING Items to Test: •Code of Conduct •Conflict of Interest Do not combine questions. Such as, “Are you aware of.


If the employee is a bit squeamish about being seen walking into the ethics office, Coleman will rendezvous with the employee elsewhere on TI property—he’s had meetings in .

If the employee does know about the policies and ethics ask them to state a situation where they had to apply such guidelines for an effective decision. About their mistakes and errors: It is a known fact that making errors and mistakes is part of human nature.

Find answers to frequently asked questions on ethics, ranging from how to find a physician to the AMA’s position on a given policy. Some of the laws under the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission are relevant to questions about other employment by a state officer or employee.

For example, under the bribery law, you may not solicit or accept a "benefit" in exchange for your decision, opinion, recommendation, vote, or other exercise of discretion as a public servant. Frequently Asked Legal Ethics Questions A review of the inquiries made to the Committee’s Ethics Hotline has shown that certain legal ethics questions occur more often than others.

Accordingly, the Committee has prepared a set of answers to frequently asked questions for the general edification of .

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