Sample recommendation of a payroll system

You may, for example, need a payroll system that enables human resources management, or you may need an external system that varies from the typical payroll service provider.

Sample recommendation of a payroll system

The system under test is taken from the software released by Jake Rodriguez. You can check the image below to get more idea of the payroll system.

If you are interested in looking at even better features and the complex HR payroll system, then I suggest checking free open source software available. That way you can practice writing test cases more effectively. We are basing our manual test cases based on this software features and available options.

How payroll program works?

Sample recommendation of a payroll system

As you can see from the image, the software has the system to check the employee days under work and does the calculation for the salary. It can edit, modify and delete the employee. It can also navigate through the record using next, previous, first and last buttons.

The software is designed in Java Swing and the database used is Oracle. You can find additional functionality on the software hosting page. How complex are these payroll system? I have seen some of the complex forms in the payroll system. So I decided to pick this simple HR payroll system that you can use to understand and jott down some test cases for the same.

Check if the ID field auto increments when next or previous button is pressed. Check if the ID field points to the correct employee ID. Check if the ID field only allows numeric input when under modification. Check if the ID field is editable or not if edit button is pressed.

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Check if the Employee Name field accepts text data only. Check the minimum required length for the Employee Name. Check the maximum required length for the Employee Name.

Check if the Employee Name from the previous records points to the valid name for the employee. Check if the Employee Name accepts both uppercase and lowercase input. Check if the Employee Name does not accept any form of special character.

Check if the DEPT field accept the department present within the company. Check if the DEPT field requires manual addon or if it gets auto generated. Check DEPT field for the minimum length of the input. Check DEPT field for the maximum length of the input. Ideally it should restricts for 31 days per month.

Check Rate per day field for minimum length of the input.With so many payroll solutions on the market, choosing the best one for your small business is like finding a needle in a haystack.

[email protected] compiled a list of the top 25 payroll solutions for small b.

Sample recommendation of a payroll system

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