Statistics project for class 10th

Review of representation of natural numbers, integers, rational numbers on the number line.

Statistics project for class 10th

I am thankful to my parents for providing me with constant help and necessary support in making this project. They have always been with me when in doubt and pointed me in the right direction and patiently answered all the queries that I had during preparation of the project.

This project has provided me with a deep insight into the alarming situation of the wildlife in India being exploited and the necessary steps and actions being taken for their conservation.

Page Contents Signature No. Page Figure Description Signature No. Wildlife traditionally refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all plants, fungi, and other organisms that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans.


Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems. Deserts, forests, rain forests, plains, grasslands, and other areas including the most developed urban sites, all have distinct forms of wildlife.

While the term in popular culture usually refers to animals that are untouched by human factors, most scientists agree that much wildlife is affected by human activities.

The term wildlife was introduced by Willion Hornaday in in his book "our vanishing wildlife". Wildlife is commonly respired to represent the non- domesticated animals living in natural habitats like forests. In simple world, wildlife means non-domesticated animals found in wild without the caring of human beings.

Statistics project for class 10th

The aim of the project is to research on wildlife conservation and the efforts undertaken in India to conserve wildlife. The objective is to understand the necessity for conservation of wildlife and the protection of potentially endangered species from being extinct.

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild plant and animal species and their habitats. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy and also to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness for humans and other species alike.

Additionally, wildlife conservation aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of wildlife and wilderness.

Class 9 Maths notes for statistics

Many nations have government agencies and NGO's dedicated to wildlife conservation, which help to implement policies designed to protect wildlife. Numerous independent non-profit organizations also promote various wildlife conservation causes.

Wildlife conservation has become an increasingly important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. Today, there are now government bureaus and organizations that help promote different wildlife conservation areas.

The government also aims to implement certain policies that are specifically created to protect the animals. It is essential to take actions to protect wildlife from extinction. By doing so, we do not only ensure their survival, but also the diversity of the ecosystem.

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As a result, it will help improve the ecological health of the earth.Math 9 Statistics Project Sampling methods The three classes we chose were Ms. Langdon's Art 9 class, Ms. Wallace's English/Socials 9 class, and our Math 9 class.

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Statistics project for class 10th

Education (), project work, namely in statistics, is one of the learning experiences that all students should have the opportunity to engage in. This study is a part of the research project.

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