The thin blue line movie summary

This film helped pave the way for future films such as the Paradise Lost documentaries, which delivered a similar effect on the case it examined.

The thin blue line movie summary

Randall Adams Man in prison accused of murdering a police officerDavid Harris Man who murdered police officer and then testifies that Adams had done it, also prisoner on death rowEdith James defense attorney for Randall Adamsvarious police officers, witnesses, and others. The Rise and Fall of Fred A.

This documentary, directed by Errol Morris, depicts the murder of a Dallas police officer and the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of Randall Adams for this crime. The film alternates between interviews and re-enactments of the murder.

The Thin Blue Line Rhetorical Analysis By: Julia Jones, Katie Tuck, and Lauren Hayes ~Beginning~ On a dark, dreary night in , an innocent police officer was shot and killed. After a month of searching, 16 year old David Harris was interviewed and he accused 28 year old Randall Adams of the murder. This series was a bit of a step back for Elton and Atkinson after the audaciously original Blackadder and Mr. Bean series. The Thin Blue Line is an old-fashioned farce set in a city police station. Before The Thin Blue Line, Morris had made a couple of films and then hit a professional age 32, he’d just spent two years earning a living as a New York private detective when he.

As the film unfolds, it presents the audience with the testimonies and the evidence that put Randall Adams behind bars. This film, released in was instrumental in getting Randall Adams released from prison inafter he had served 12 years of a life sentence.

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This film made Errol Morris a famous name in the documentary genre and the film won many awards. In the opening credits of the film, the title appears and the word "Blue" turns red.

Death did some tests on Randall Adams to see if he would kill again, these tests included copying a drawing and interpreting common sayings. Did Morris do this in the film? Randall Adams explained that he and David Harris attended a drive-in movie and the films were soft-core erotic movies.

Harris, however, wanted to stay. If it is the case that viewing this material does in fact cause violence in a person, what is a possible explanation of this?

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You know, if I do something bad, you know, it kind if gets to me. I feel bad about it. Which do you think is the case and why? Adams states early in the film: I got to work on Saturday.

You know, why did I meet this kid? Why did I run out of gas at that time? Whether by happenstance or destiny, we had found a new home".

Do the events in the movie seem to be better explained by chance or by determinism? Which do you think Adams believes? He had a singsong way of talking, as if he was convinced that no one really was listening to anything he had to say, that he was going through some kind of formal recitation that he felt compelled to go through again and again and again and again.

Even though he knew - somehow he knew - that it would fall on deaf ears. Considering all that Adams went through, is this surprising?The Thin Blue Line is an atypically constructed documentary with apparent production value.

Foremost it has a score (courtesy composer Philip Glass), and previsualized cinematography (Morris’ website contains storyboards for the film). Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

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We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. "The Thin Blue Line" was voted the best film of in a Washington Post survey of film critics. Premiere magazine, in a survey of films of the s, described it as one of the most important and influential movies of the decade.

In part three of the BBC's lavish exploration of the planets orbiting the Sun, Brian Cox focuses on the Earth's atmosphere, the 'thin blue line' of gases that supports our planet's diverse ecosystem. Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean fame was the star of the BBC sitcom The Thin Blue Line.

The thin blue line movie summary

The setting was the tiny British town of Gasforth, where a squad of dedicated, but basically inept police officers held sway. Synopsis: One night in November , after his car breaks down on a road outside Dallas, Randall Dale Adams accepts a ride from teenager David Harris.

Harris is driving a stolen vehicle and, later that night, when Dallas police officer Robert Wood pulls the car . | The Thin Blue Line