Triumph of the nerds

What makes this something that may be frequently associated with men and why? I can take an estimated guess is that guys like computers and technology but girls like dolls and makeup. Why was there a need for Personal Computers PCs?

Triumph of the nerds

The goal of PARC was to think of the future of computing and how to dominate the market. For years they developed and built a computer they called "Alto.

The Alto computer was unique because it had a graphical user interface or GUI.

Triumph of the nerds

Unlike the current leader IBM that ran on the disk operating system or DOS Alto had a nice GUI that let the user move around a mouse on a screen and click it to select documents or other items. They could then do whatever they wanted to it like copy it to a floppy disk by dragging the file over to the destination and dropping it in the folder.

This went way beyond what anyone at the time was using with the keyboard based typing input of DOS. The Alto computer was also able to connect to other computers via an Ethernet that was also ahead of its time. The Alto had a printer connected to it that was able to print out what the user viewed on screen.

This went beyond the normal dot matrix printers of the time. It was after this viewing that he decided that a GUI on a computer was the way to go and the future of the personal computer.

It was not a commercial success because of the high price compared to the IBM computers even with the fancy GUI interface. Jeff Raskin then came up with a lower priced computer for Apple that he called the Macintosh.

Steve Jobs took over the project and using the ideas from Lisa came up with the machine. The Macintosh was finally released to much fan fair on January 24 in It was accompanied with a 15 million dollar advertising campaign that had a Super bowl ad. After an initial surge by last sales of the Machintosh were slow.

It did not have a killer ap for the system and Apple needed to find a way to bring back up sales. They decided to work with Microsoft to come up with a software package to be sold for the Mac. Later they decided to talk with John Warnock who had founded a company called Adobe.

Adobe was working on a program that would enable you to print out exactly what you saw on your screen. At the time because of the limits of the software and dot matrix printers this was not possible.

Warnock, who was at one time a member of PARC, came up with what he called laser printing. With this new technology it lead to a new business called desktop publishing and led to a big boon for Apple.

It was not cheap to buy the laser printers so it never grew into a larger market for Apple. Apple was floundering as a company and needed to turn things around. Unfortunately for Steve Jobs those ideas did not include him being with the company.

Can you name the Triumph of the Nerds

The Apple board decided to use Sculley's ideas and Jobs was forced out of the company he had founded. Another development also doomed Apple. With there partnership with Microsoft Bill Gates saw another opportunity for his company to expand.

Gates saw the future of a GUI interface and began work on one. It was very rough and at first did not work very well. Apple saw Windows and tried to sue Microsoft for using an interface that looked like Mac. Eventually Apple lost the suit and Microsoft was able to continue to work on Windows.

Six years later in they released a version of Windows they called Windows 3. This was the first Windows OS that was exactly like Mac.TV Show Friends (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) download full episodes and watch in HD (p, p, r-bridal.com4,.mkv,.avi) quality free, without registration.

No filme de Revenge of the Nerds Robert Carradine trabalhou para incorporar o estereótipo nerd; Ao fazê-lo, ajudou a criar uma imagem definitiva de nerds. [35] Além disso, a história presagiou, e pode ter ajudado a inspirar, o "orgulho nerd" que surgiu na década de [36] Toby Radloff, ator de "American Splendor, afirma que este foi o .

Apr 02,  · I originally called this post “Commercial PC History, Part 1,” which was based around 3 videos from the PBS mini-series “Triumph of the Nerds,” by Robert X. Cringely..

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I had included the online version of this video series with this post, but those videos were taken down recently. The movie ‘Triumph of Nerds’ part 2 developed a concept of the computer market and revolved around the functioning, and licensing of computer systems. Triumph of the Nerds originally premiered in June and is no longer airing on PBS stations.

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